Experienced Legal Assistants




Paralegal Texas provides virtual legal assistance and document drafting services to licensed attorneys in all Texas counties.  Creatively assisting attorneys for over 15 years, we believe that an ongoing relationship with a trusted support staff is a key part of your practice success.

Our goal is to assist you in creating a work-life balance while elevating your practice to a higher level of profitability. We consider ourselves to be an integral part of your team, helping to eliminate the costs associated with traditional staffing solutions. Our “as needed” service model will enable you to focus on practice building priorities such as marketing and client development, and also eliminate the potential for missed deadlines and office backlog.


  • Experienced: Our paralegals are skilled in virtual collaboration and remote production. Unlike other services, we specialize in family law and only assist Texas attorneys.

  • Reliable: We provide stress-free assistance and deliver quality drafts for your review within 24 to 48 hours. Our clients rest easy knowing that we always deliver on time.

  • Affordable:  You set your budget and you control your spending. Our attorneys love our rates and packaged plans.



Client Portal

  ◦ Keep track of project status, monitor time, and pay invoices.

Seamless Collaboration

  ◦ Have targeted discussions about specific projects or relay instruction.

File Sharing

  ◦ Upload and retrieve documents and files for a project.

Invoicing & Payments

  ◦ Access account statements and pay invoices online or through the portal.

Perfect for solo and young attorneys, small firms, and attorneys needing less than part-time assistance.

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